ProAction EMS: The Backbone of Safety at El Paso’s Premier Events

In a bustling span of four weeks, ProAction EMS has exhibited an unwavering commitment to community safety in El Paso, Texas, and Southern New Mexico. This commitment has been brought to life by a team of EMTs, advanced EMTs, and paramedics, working tirelessly behind the scenes at a myriad of events, ensuring a safe environment for all attendees.

Non-Stop Action Across Various Events
The heartbeat of the EDM culture pulsed vibrantly at the two-day Brightside Music Festival held at Ascarate Park. Simultaneously, ProAction EMS extended its vigilant presence at UTEP college football games and the USL Championship league’s El Paso Locomotive soccer matches, promising safety and security to all the fans in attendance.

The same pledge of safety echoed at the El Paso Rhinos hockey games and during the gripping matches featuring the El Paso Chihuahuas, the proud AAA affiliate of the San Diego Padres, guaranteeing a secure space for fans to immerse themselves in the excitement.

Concerts: A Symphony of Safety
The Don Haskins Center recently reverberated with the tunes of Fuerza Regida, Marco Antonio Solís, and Carin Leon. ProAction EMS ensured that every beat was met with a pledge of safety, allowing music lovers to immerse themselves in the musical experience without any worries.

At the iconic UTEP Sun Bowl, attendees of the sold-out concerts of Rebelde, Def Leppard, & Mötley Crüe could let loose and enjoy the electric atmosphere, backed by the reassuring presence of the ProAction EMS team.

Supporting K-12 Athletic Games
Beyond these high-profile events, ProAction EMS has been a steady force at numerous K-12 athletic games, safeguarding the well-being of young athletes and spectators and ensuring that the spirit of healthy competition remained undisturbed.

Join the ProAction EMS Team
As ProAction EMS continues to serve the community, we are always on the lookout for experienced and knowledgeable EMTs and paramedics to join our ranks. If you are considering a rewarding career in this field but are not an EMT yet, consider enrolling at ProAction Emergency Services Institute to take the first step towards becoming a certified EMT.

Over a whirlwind four weeks of back-to-back events, ProAction EMS has stood tall as a pillar of safety and reliability, a testament to a team deeply committed to safeguarding the community at every event. Through every beat, cheer, and spirited competition, ProAction EMS has been there, ensuring the heartbeat of the community remains strong and secure.

EMT Standing by at the Brightside Music Fest in El Paso, Texas
EMTs at the UTEP Sun Bowl standing by at a college football game.