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Finger Printing

Fingerprinting now required for initial applicants

Beginning on January 1, 2010, all initial EMS applicants are required to submit fingerprints for an FBI criminal history check. This is a big change, and judging by the calls and emails, there are a lot of questions. We try to answer the most common ones below. If you’ve got another, please drop us a line at

Q: I heard fingerprints are now required for EMS. Should I do the fingerprints or the


DSHS EMS application first?


A: Please submit the DSHS EMS application first. Having your application on file with DSHS before doing the fingerprints will assist us in matching up the background check results and will shorten your EMS application processing time.



Q: What is the procedure for submitting fingerprints?


A: Initial applicants (those not holding a Texas EMS certification) are required to submit fingerprints for a criminal background check. Applicants are first required to complete the "FAST" fingerprint form and then follow the steps on that formto schedule a fingerprinting session through the contracted service, L1 Identity Solutions. The DSHS EMS FAST form MUST be used when submitting fingerprints for EMS certification. Go view or print the FAST form.

Following are the basic steps for scheduling afingerprinting session with L1 Identity




  1. Log on to and select “Texas”


  1. Select “Online Scheduling”


  1. Select “All Others”


  1. Select Option A


  1. Select “Yes I have a FAST Fingerprint Pass”


  1. Enter TX920390Z when prompted for Agency Number/ORI


  1. Follow the prompts to enter your personal information and select a fingerprint service location, date and time.



  1. Bring your completed DSHS EMS FAST form with you to your appointment along with government-issued identification.



Q: Is there an additional cost to DSHS applicants?


A: The DSHS application fees have not increased. There is a separate charge of $44.20 for the fingerprinting and background check. This charge is paid when the fingerprints are taken. (Fee breakdown: $9.95 fee for fingerprinting and $34.25 for the DPS and FBI background check.) If you pay by credit card, there is an extra charge—the total cost would be $45.45)



Q: Where can I find the forms that must be completed?


A: The fingerprint/background check form is attached to the papercertification application. The online application for certification willdirect the applicant to a link to the FAST form. The EMS paper certification application can be found The address for the online application is




Q: I know that L1 Identity Solutions is the fingerprint contractor for DPS. I attempted to sign up for fingerprinting by calling L-1 directly. They asked me for my "fast track" number or something to that effect. I can't seem to find this number anywhere.

A: The “fast track” number is the “Agency ORI” number on the FAST form. The DSHS EMS ORI number is TX920390Z. You must have the FAST form in front of you when you call to schedule your appointment. You can print a copy of the FAST form



Q: Where in my county is the closest facility to be fingerprinted?


A: When you schedule an appointment with L1 Identity Solutions, they will provide a current list of locations. You can view the locations on their website at

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