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Due to a compromise of exam security via an AHA Training Center posting exams A and B on a website, the AHA has been forced to create new exams for this course. As of February 1, 2012, ONLY Version C and Version D can be used for the BLS for Healthcare Providers Course. This date applies only for the English versions. When translated versions are available, we will notify the Training Network. 






What this means to you:

As of 2/1/2012, no BLS course should be conducted using Exam Version A or B. The only acceptable exam versions for BLS for Healthcare Providers are Exams C and D.

What you should do now:

If you have exams in your possession for a course after 2/1/2012, you must request new exams from ProAction immediately at and mail back the old exams. You must also acknowledge this notice by using the clicking the acknowledgement below.

What's really important:

DO NOT use exams Version A and B after 2/1/2012. Use of versions A nd B after 2/1/2012 will result in your having to administer test version C or D to your students before certification cards are issued.

Please contact the ProAction Emergency Services Institute at 915-532-2771 with questions.

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